How many television programmes do we have in the archive? Are speech transcripts available for all news programmes? What percentage of the material is already digital? Are documentaries longer now than they were in the 70's?

These are seemingly simple questions about the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision archive that are very hard to answer. There is excellent documentation available, search functions make it possible to find specific programmes, and Sound and Vision colleagues have a wealth of knowledge about the archive. Even so, finding answers can be a lengthy process.

Data Science offers visualisations of information about the archive that can be flexibly tuned to answer specific questions. On this website a number of different visualisations are available. At present, a fixed set of visualisations is shown, we are working on making them adaptable.

Is your specific question not answered? Or does a visualisation not jibe with your knowledge of the archive? Contact or, or for Clariah users, go to . Your feedback helps us to improve!

IMPORTANT NOTE: At present, the visualisations on this site cover the period up to June 2018. Later this year we plan to introduce regular updates.